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Medicare Will Start Paying For Telemedicine

A new Medicare rule could reduce state health care spending. Medicare will now pay for nursing home patients...

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Premiere Telemedicine

Telemedicine is slowly transforming the way healthcare is delivered. Through the use of exciting new developments in telecommunications technology, telemedicine improves patient care by providing doctors with easier access to patients and their data.

Thanks in part to lowered technology costs and the expansion of the Internet, the growth of telemedicine over the next five to ten years is expected to have a profound and revolutionary effect on the delivery of medical care throughout the world.

The primary applications of telemedicine are clinical, educational, administrative, and research-related.

Clinical applications include initial patient evaluations, telediagnosis and teleconsultation. Other examples include physician supervision of non-physicians/residents, etc. and telemonitoring of patient status.

Premiere Telemedicine provides a host of medical consultation services to a variety of markets within the emerging fields of telemedicine. With its technological and clinical expertise, Premiere Telemedicine is a key facilitator for consumers and providers who wish to take advantage of the benefits of telemedicine.